Dragon hunters coloring pages

Gwizdo is the brains of the group, and negotiates their contracts with the helpless people terrorized by dragons. He is a small, gangly young man who speaks with a New York or New Jersey accent. He and Lian-Chu have known each other since childhood, and were raised together in an orphanage called Mother Hubbard’s Farm. He is avaricious, cowardly, egotistical, cynical and unsympathetic, and abuses Hector constantly with violence and insults. However, he has a heart of gold hidden deep inside, which is elicited by Lian-Chu, Zaza or anyone else he considers a close friend. Furthermore, he is charismatic, and therefore something of a lovable rogue. In “The Orphan Farm” it’s revealed that his egotism stems from his miserable childhood at Mother Hubbard’s Orphan Farm, where he was bullied, abused and called names for being scared all the time. He is the one who can read, write and count at the inn, therefore Lian-Chu and Jeanneline depend on him for business and contracts. He also flies their airship, the St. George, and wears a pilot’s cap (which he very rarely takes off) and goggles. A good deal of the time his attempts to exploit others’ predicaments leads to failure, either because of some oversight or because his better nature prevails.

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